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Welcome to The Polygraph Museum Web Site!

The Polygraph Museum is the home of the largest collection of unique analog polygraph instruments in the world. Some eighty-five instruments grace our collection, dating back to 1930. We offer this web site for your education and enjoyment.

The Polygraph Museum is a non-profit organization that was begun in 1991 to collect and preserve analog polygraph instruments which were rapidly being replaced by computerized polygraph instruments. These older instruments were simply being scrapped by examiners. They had to be saved.
The Polygraph Museum was born. Its mission is to preserve as many single copies of the analog instruments as it can find. Terry J. Ball is its founder, current "curator," and avid collector. 
Over the years, he has purchased and has been gifted approximately eight-five analog instruments which are stored in his offices in Edmonds, Washington. Many of the instruments have been donated to The Polygraph Museum by other polygraph examiners. Many of the instruments have been donated by Mr. Ron Decker, a preeminent polygraph examiner, polygraph historian, and collector. We wish to thank all of the contributors who have sent their instruments to us for preservation.




In preparation of retirement, Terry Ball has agreed to begin selling all the instruments in his collection. The cost of each instrument is listed next to it's description in the museum pages. It must be pointed out that all sales are "AS IS", and no guarantee is made to the buyer that any of these instruments function. These antique instruments should be purchased for display only.

forsale.jpgAll Instruments on this

Site are For Sale!


Terry J. Ball, polygraph examiner. Terry Ball has been a working polygraph examiner since 1986.